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Miami is situated in Northern Florida on the Atlantic coast. It is one of the most populous areas in the United States. It is a leading cultural, entertainment, commercial, financial and international trading center. It was listed as an Alpha – World City by the World Cities Group in 2012. Regarding sectors like education, entertainment, culture, and commerce, it was ranked seventh in America and thirty-third globally. It has also been ranked as the cleanest city in America by Forbes Magazine.


Miami Beach History

Miami’s history dates back to thousands of years. It was occupied by the Tequesta who later encountered the Europeans.

Pedro Menendez, the explorer, claimed it in 1556 for Spain. The Great Britain and Spain managed Florida in proper order, but Spain relinquished it in 1821 to the United States. As part of developing Florida territory and in efforts to suppress the Seminole, the US built Fort Dallas. Subsequently, Miami became a fighting site in the Second Seminole War.

Towards the end of 19th century, the area was referred as the promising wilderness. It had been identified as the Florida’s finest building site. In 1894- 95, the Great Freeze sped up the city’s progress.

The 20th century saw Miami’s prosperity with an increase in infrastructure and population. The city has since been nicknamed the “Magic City” due to its rapid growth.


Miami South Beach Climate
Miami experiences a tropical monsoon climate with a drier season in winter, short warm winter and hot summer. It is positioned close to the Gulf Stream and just above the Tropic of Cancer which gives shape to it is climate. There is wet season between May and October. Highs range from 25 and 21 Degrees Celsius and lows seldom falling below 10 Degrees Celsius.

Hurricane season runs from the beginning of June through the end of November though it can develop beyond this period.


This city is a home to theaters, museums, entertainment venues and parks. There are annual festivals such as Carnaval Miami and Ocho Festival.

A large number of musicians, dancers and actors are attracted to this city. It plays host to numerous events and fashion shows. Many movies and television shows have been filmed and set this city.

“Miami Accent” is the unique dialect of this city. It includes pronunciation and rhythm influenced by Spanish.

Miami’s cuisine is a combination of by Latin American cuisine and Caribbean cuisine that forms a distinctive Florida cooking style called Floribbean cuisine.