The Hotel Deals in Florida That You Need To Know in 2106

The Hotel Deals in Florida That You Need To Know in 2106

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Miami is so full of hotels, and tourism is attractive towards the beach life of Miami. In the summer season, we happen to see hotels rising and falling based on their behaviour and services towards the tourist. A huge number of tourists come to visit Miami South Beaches, and hotels all over the Miami gets booked.

Miami has become one of the home ground of hotel leisure’s around the world. People love to visit Miami beaches because of the hotels around it, and the luxury life they offer. Whenever the summer seasons about to come, we see rise in numbers of hotel bookings all over the Florida and Miami. There are more than hundreds of hotels in Florida that can offer outstanding services, but who wants to compromise anything during their vacation period.

The competition gets high and everyone wants the perfect place to live. The hotel chains also understand the physic of customers and they come up with their best hotel deals of Florida to offer in the season.

Everything gets pricier and goes out of economy session. If you are planning to visit Miami in summer or major tourist season, then you should avoid going to luxury places as they turn into the premium places of the Florida.

However, if you are already visiting and wants to enjoy every perk of Miami beaches, we are here to serve you with most popular hotel deals in Florida.

As you may have already heard about us, we are situated in Miami, Florida and we love to spend our time on beaches all over the state. We have a team of people who work closely with different hotel chains to get their updated deals for our readers and customers.

We already have our own top 5 hotel deals in Florida ready for you. We have curated this list with lots of passion and care to facilitate all type of travellers and tourists visiting Miami.

You will find out some of the hotel deals fitting right into your budget and some goes right above the vacation spending budgets. Let’s heads towards the hotel deals that we are talking about:

5 Major Hotel Deals in Florida That You Need To Know

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While there are hundreds of different deals available in hotels all over the Miami, but we happen to like these deals out of all of them. You can easily compare the deals with offering from different hotels. These are the five hotel deals of Florida that you should know about. We have summarized the stuff into the hotel names, so you can easily find out what we are talking about in this article.

Azul Del Mar

This Azul Del Mar is located in Key Largo, Florida.  Rooms are big with views to turquoise waters. It’s an all-suite boutique hotel which is 37 minutes’ drive from National Park. Don’t confuse Azul Del Mar Hotel in Miami with the Restaurant Azul Del Mar in London. This one is a hotel, a big hotel not a tiny restaurant selling Lebanese food in central London. Surprisingly Azul Del Mar restaurant also has blue sea written outside the restaurant. They might have copied the name or took inspiration from Azul Del Mar hotel in Miami. Coming back to the hotel, rooms are priced at $130 only. For party animals, this is a great location as Caribbean Club is just 200 feet away from the hotel.

Caribbean Villas

Caribbean Villas are located just 5.3 miles from Airport. This is an ocean resort whose water park alone is 2.9miles from the park. The hotel features accommodation with balconies facing towards the ocean. Suites feature a kitchen and a standard living room with HDTV. 16 Blocks away from Caribbean Villas is a stretch of beach that has shallow waters that are perfect for beginning swimmers. Attractions close to Caribbean villas are Dominican Towers and Chelsea House Villas. Caribbean Villas comes at $80 per night. Caribbean Villas have better facilities and views however it’s a bit further from the city centre which is why it’s more affordable than any other hotels. If you are a budget traveller or travelling with a family, I believe Caribbean Villas is a perfect choice for you.



That’s a hotel name. Welcome to Miami, you get everything here. From clubs to warriors like Napolean. It’s actually a budget hotel on the corner of French Riviera. Hotel Napolean is located 10 minutes’ walk from city centre and a mile away from the Italian border. This is a 4-star budget high-end hotel which is 2 minutes away from Arc De Triomphe. The hotel features elegant rooms with traditional décor and complimentary free WIFI and iPod docks. Other amenities at the hotel include meeting rooms, free parking, live music, cafes and other not so standard features which you will expect in an affordable high-end 4-star hotel.

The Breakers Palm Beach

The Breakers is one of the most premium hotels to stay and enjoy luxury life if you are visiting Palm beach in Florida. The Breakers Palm Bach hotel offers a wide range of deals and stuff to their customers that one could have imagined. It offers you the Italian Renaissance-style living with their outdoor and indoor appearances. It is well suited for couples, families, and business trips. More than 1700+ people have rated it with 4.5 grade, and we have personally rated it for 5.

Mandarin Oriental, Miami

Mandarin Oriental hotel is a place to get some peace while your stay in Miami. It cuts you off from all the buzz happening here and there in Miami. It offers you the sophisticated environment in Miami, and according to the visitors the services in Mandarin Oriental are much better than any other hotel of Florida.

We hope these will satisfy your need to look forward for the best hotel deals in Florida. The deals keep changing and get better every day.

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