Every year Carnaval on the Mile brings new surprises for the citizens as well as tourists in Miami. The event that stretches over a full weekend’s length includes some activities. One of the best features of this year’s event was the Soul Rebel concert.

Soul Rebel, which is a Brass Band based in New Orleans, was all set to perform in the event this year. On its eighteenth birthday, the event did its best in surprising the viewers with a number of art and live music performances.

One such performance was the Sour Rebel concert. The band was present in the Carnaval on Sunday, 6th of March 2016. The concert stretched over a period of one hour and fifteen minutes.

The Soul Rebel Concert

Soul Rebel is well known for its unique and attractive music. With its incredible energy the band electrifies the entire crowd in almost all its concerts. During the Miami concert, an air of party was felt by the band as well as the fans, even before the performers took the stage.

The familiar thudding of drums and hooting from the cloud made the concert all the more powerful. Even though the time allotted to the band was short, but by selecting the right tracks and instruments, it succeed in thoroughly entertaining all the people.

With astonishing horn breaks, loud beating of drums, sing along of the fans and bobbing of heads, the Soul Rebels concert along with the concerts from all the other bands was short but amazing.

Carnaval on the Mile Miami succeeded in providing fully loaded entertainment to most of the visitors by inviting successful performers. Soul Rebels continued its track record of giving smashing performances as none of the visitors left the venue with disappointment. When it comes to the Soul Rebels concert, there is never a dull moment.