budget hotels in miami

When you are on a holiday trip, cash burns quickly. This is precisely why you should always do budgets hotels. Here’s a list of affordable hotels in Miami South Beach that will help you save some money: on your stay and can be spent it on your partner’s precious smile

1. Catalina Hotel:

The Catalina Lobby Miami

If you are going to Miami on a shoestring budget, and yet want to enjoy its party culture, this hotel is your best bet. Embrace yourself for a night of dancing and partying. This hotel’s occupants are usually teenagers and young people who have come to the city to enjoy the best it has to offer. There’s a rooftop pool if you are in mood for a quiet cocktail or a late night swim.

2. Circa 39:

Circa 39 Miami Hotel

This old hotel was recently refurbished, but it has kept some of its original details which add to its charm. Its bar offers delightful cocktails, and its restaurant serves sumptuous food. Your stay will be comfortable and cheap.

3. The National:

The National Miami Hotel

This moderately-priced hotel stands in between city’s most prestigious hotel. If you don’t go expecting first-class service, you will come back satisfied.

4. Whitelaw Hotel and Lounge:

whitelaw hotel and lounge miami

Yet another favorite of party animals, this hotel has a tagline that evinces its flamboyant crowd: clean sheets, hot water, stiff drinks. People choose to stay here as it’s very close to the South Beach. The hotel’s interiors are impressive for a budget hotel. The rooms have plasma screens and all the comforts of a regular hotel.

5. Blue Moon Hotel:

bluemoon hotel miami

This budget hotel’s selling point is its clean and comfortable rooms. In addition, you will get free wi-fi and free popcorn. There is a bar in the lobby that serves refreshing drinks, and the pool is always ready for swimmers. It’s great value for money.

6. Townhouse Hotel:

Townhouse Hotel Miami

If you are planning to spend most of your time on the beach, book Townhouse hotel. It’s located literally on the beach. It is also close to most of the clubs and bar.

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