The Shore Club hotel is among the Miami best hotels. The hotel is located on the Collins Avenue just south of the Setai. It is owned and managed by the Morgans Hotel Group. The hotel is among the affordable hotels in the south beach Miami as guests pay a premium price for excellent services. It is also a drive to hotel adding it to the list of motels in Miami.
The Shore Club boasts of excellent facilities. It has the famous David Chipperfield design that makes it be among the top 3 hotels in Miami downtown.

Shore Club Miami

The Shore Club hotel portrays a party oriented image. There are two pools at the back of the hotel. A small pool with a hot tub and an enormous, pool. DJs spin the most recent hits progressively for the guests. This positions the Shore Club hotel among the top 5 hotels for the party in Miami.

The Shore Club has a private entrance to the beach. Lounge chairs are available, but the umbrellas are charged. The beach provides a perfect environment for relaxing. Budget travelers find this appealing. This makes the Shore Club to be ranked as one of the top 3 hotels for budget travelers in the south beach. Food and drinks are also served on the beach. The large beds and the appealing beach places the Shore Club hotel among the best South Beach hotels for couples.

Shore Club Hotel Review

The Shore Club is somehow adult directed, but it also accommodates children. The beach has a sand pit with numerous toys and plastic shovels. The plastic shovels are used to build sand castles. The family featured rooms and the sand pit positions the Shore Club in the list of the top 3 family hotels in South Beach Miami.

There is a 24-hour fitness center located in the basement. The management provides IDs and keys to every guest. The keys are used to access any facilities in the hotel. There is a modern gym with pricey boutiques. This places the hotel among the best boutique hotels in the south beach. Free bike rentals are also offered. There is a rooftop spa in the hotel. Despite the hotel lacking a sauna and steam room, it is among the top 3 luxury hotels for the ultra rich.

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