Every city has its heartbeat, the source of its energy and for Miami, the nightlife scene is its heartbeat. The city has been rated as one of the top destinations for bachelor parties and nightlife in general. So if you are planning to throw a party down south, here are the top 5 party hotels you should consider.

1. Vintro hotel South beach

Vintro Hotel South Beach
It’s just a few blocks away from the beach it’s an upscale art deco hotel with cool furnishing that will give you a paradise like feeling. It also has a rooftop pool, spacious rooms with flat screen TVs, a bar, a restaurant serving Mediterranean dishes and lobby.

2. The Miami Bitch edition

The Miami Bitch Edition
Formerly known as the Seville hotel, it re-branded to the edition in 2014 providing one of the best accommodations in the south beach. Attractions include a beach front, not one but two outdoor pools, a spa and an underground night. Your friends will love it if you host them here.

3. Gale South Beach

Gale South Beach
Located on Collin Avenue, it reopened in 2012 after the merging of two former hotels providing way better upscale accommodation and amenities. Attractions include a rooftop pool, a lounge and a nightclub to mention just a few.

4. The Standard Miami Hotel

The Standard Miami Hotel
The downside to this hotel is that the beach is almost a mile away for beach lovers but on the upside it still is one of the best luxurious accommodations in the south beach. Amenities include a world-renowned spa, a pool and outdoor bathtubs. If the beach front is not that important, you should check this one out.

5. Clevelander Hotel

Clevelander Hotel Miami
Locals fondly refer to it as ‘The Cleve’ and is located on the opposite side of the street from the beach. Amenities and services include an outdoor pool, three bars, a restaurant and two rooftop terraces. Throw a bachelor party here and your boys will remember you forever.

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