everglades national park

When visiting Miami there is an abundance of exciting things to do and beautiful places to see. The Everglades National Park falls under both of those categories with gorgeous hiking and boating trails, campgrounds, gift shops, and an abundance of natural habitats.

Entrance fees for the park vary from $8 to $200 depending on the size of your vehicle and the number of passengers with you. For an average family in a sedan, it is just $25. Passes are good for seven days from the purchase date giving you plenty of time to explore to your hearts content. However, if you would like an annual pass they are just $40.

everglades national park miami

The Everglades National Park is one of the largest national parks in the United States and sits on over 1.5 million acres of Florida’s beautiful wilderness. While in the park you can expect to see a variety of wildlife including birds, reptiles, amphibians, and some of Florida’s most famous animals like Alligators, Crocodiles, and even Manatees. If you are extremely lucky, you may even get to see the beautiful and endangered Florida Panther. These big cats are very reclusive, so sightings are rare, but if you are lucky enough to see one be sure to maintain your distance and try not to frighten them.

To make the most of your trip consider visiting the Everglades Safari Park. For just $25 for adults and $12 for kids you can enjoy a 30 minute guided airboat ride where you are sure to spot some of the local animals up close and personal. After your boat ride be sure to check Picnic Time Eatery for some delicious food, and visit the gift shop for fun memorabilia.

No trip to Miami is complete without a visit to the Everglades National Park and a guided tour of the Everglades Safari Park. Add it to your list of things to do and make sure to take your camera, without it your friends back home will never believe all the great things you were able to see!