Jungle Island Miami Fl Review

Jungle Island Miami Fl Review

Jungle Island Miami

Jungle Island Miami FL is one of the top attractions you can visit during a stay in Miami, and you should dedicate a full day for a complete experience.

The park is a real animal kingdom, with entertaining shows and very family friendly. A visit to Jungle Island Miami will provide a first-hand experience with every animal in the park and will exceed all your expectations.

Directions from the airport

From Miami International Airport to Jungle Island you will have to take the FL-836 W road, which is the fastest route with a distance of 7,6 miles and only a 12 min drive if there’s no traffic.

Hours of operation

Jungle Island Miami Fl is open 365 days a year, from Monday to Sunday between the hours of 10 am to 5 pm.


Jungle Island has a total of 3 shows which feature wild animals such as felines and even the world’s most lethal bird.

Winged Wonders

Schedule: Daily 1pm & 4:30pm

Location: Parrot Bowl

This show features different species of birds from around the world, including an Andean condor and parrots such as macaws.

Wild Encounter

Schedule: Daily 11am & 2:30pm

Location: Jungle Theater

Wild Encounter is a feline show, where you will get to see up close some of the world’s fastest predators.

Wild Adventures

Schedule: Daily 12pm & 3:30pm

Location: Serpentarium

An incredible show presented by Doctor Wasabi, with animals you don’t usually have the chance to see.


There’s no dull moment when visiting Jungle Island Miami FL! Even if you are an adult or a child, don’t miss the special exhibits such as the Orangutan School, Kangaroo Konnection or the Penguin Exhibit. There is even a replica of the Everglades, where you will learn more about the habitat and the plants growing in this region.

Special Deals

Ticket prices for Jungle Island start at 39.95$ for adults and 32.95$ for children.

You can purchase annual passes for 59.95$ for adults, or you can try a unique experience such as Aquajet and get 15 minutes of flying with a Jetpack for only 89.99$.

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