Best Spots Miami South Beach

Clubbing and bar-hopping are sheer fun. Although a few drinks and good friends are all takes to have a real time, sitting in a good ambiance never hurts your spirits. So, for all the booze lovers this list is a compilation of best bars in the South Beach area of the world’s party capital, i.e., Miami:

Mac’s Club Deuce:

Mac's Club Deuce
A 1965 Buick Riviera parked in front of Mac’s Club Deuce Bar, a famous Miami Beach watering hole and and dive bar where celebrities and supermodels rub shoulders with bag ladies and bums. The building is a mixture of Florida Mediterranean Revival architecture with Art Deco touches such as the illuminated glass brick door treatment. Photographed in June 2001.

Endorsed by Anthony Bourdain, this bar is pure beauty. Many famous celebrities including Cameron Diaz, Kate Moss and Matt Dillon have grabbed a stool at this epic place. A perfect place to calm your inner self, this bar offers a dark and smoky environment. With the dank atmosphere, you can see many people drowning their sorrows; others are often seen relaxing and enjoying to the classic tunes.

Ted’s Hideaway:

Ted's Hideaway Miami Florida

This is an all time favorite of many people. With sizzling hot bartenders and service class crowd this bar is a place bubbling with excitement. This place offers excellent food along with a pool table and sports on TV screens. What else could a drinker need? This place is a comfortable den for partying anytime of the day as the buzz never goes out at this party paradise.

The Abbey:

Abbey Brewing Miami

This place is a temple for beer lovers. While being amongst the oldest bars in Miami, this is the only place in the South Beach, which is an actual brewpub. This place is so famous that you can use it as a landmark while traveling in the city. With a comfortable and cozy ambiance, this smoky abode contains all types of beer and a full bar for all kinds of drinkers. The 11 percent ABV Brother Aaron’s Quadruple is a real Hellraiser and an all time favorite of beer fanatics.

Now you won’t miss out on any serious fun whenever you hit the bars of South Beach in Miami for a party next time.

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