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Top Waterfront Dining Facilities in Miami

If you are in Miami, you simply must try dining at one of the numerous waterfront restaurants. We will name a few: ZUMA Zuma, a Japanese...

Top Three Hotels in Downtown Miami

Do you want to travel to Miami for holidays? Are you aware of the top 3 hotels in downtown to book in Miami? If...

Top Four Motels in South Miami

Miami has been a city of enormous, tourist and attraction sceneries since the 1950's. The South Beach neighborhood of Miami Beach reasonably sparkles with...

Top 6 Budget Hotels In South Beach Miami

When you are on a holiday trip, cash burns quickly. This is precisely why you should always do budgets hotels. Here's a list of...

Top 5 Hotels For Party In Miami

Every city has its heartbeat, the source of its energy and for Miami, the nightlife scene is its heartbeat. The city has been rated...

Top 5 Fine Dining Facilities In Miami

Miami is not only a favorite vacation spot but also the home of many fine dining facilities. From French and Italian to quality sushi,...

Top 5 Dining Facilities in Miami

1. Azul Azul is considered as one of the top dining facility in Miami. It is located in Mandarin Oriented Hotel. The facility serves a...

Top 3 Hotels for Budget Travelers in South Beach

Miami is a city on the Atlantic coast in southeastern Florida's tip and the Miami-Dade county seat. It is influenced by Cuban culture with...

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Your Official Guide to Miami South Beaches

Miami South Beach Hotels - The Place To Enjoy Your Miami Stay

A brief on South Beach Hotels

Who would not love to relax and enjoy the serene and pristine beaches of Miami? Miami Florida is one of the cities that offers the world’s best beaches to the world. Among them, there is this small neighbourhood called the South Beach or most popularly known as SoBe. Because of its fantastic location on the east of the main city with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Biscayne Bay on the other, the South Beach is a tropical paradise for its tourists. The climatic condition is just perfect for people who love to have a tan and take a dip in the mineral enriched waters of the bay.

The hotels in the South Beach…

Popular Miami South Beaches

Your Official Guide to Miami South Beach

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